Padel Center Mellerud is open most of the day and you can enjoy the world's most fun sport, regardless of working hours or life situation. Book the time that suits you at or you can download their app from Google Play or the App Store.

How to book at Padel Center Mellerud

Quickly easy and safe with Playtomic

  • Find Padel Center Mellerud or in their app.
  • Book a course, any number of minutes, for example 60, 90 or why not 120 minutes.
  • Pay for your booking directly in Playtomic, with Swish or with your debit card.
  • Once in place at our Padel Center, you enter the code at the entrance that you received by email when you booked the course. 
  • Use one of our fresh changing rooms to change. 
  • Rent or buy the material you need in one of our vending machines. 
  • Play your best Padel. 
  • Return any rental racks according to instructions. 
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee and something good in the lounge and book the next time at Padel Center Mellerud.